A Case of Witchcraft – A Novel of Sherlock Holmes

by acaseofwitchcraft

My debut novel is a tale of witchcraft in the Northern Isles, in which some long-concealed secrets are revealed — concerning not only the Dark Arts but also the Great Detective himself.

The mystery is set in the year 1899. Although it begins and ends in Baker Street, most of the action takes place in the Northern Isles, in the days leading up to Hallowe’en. My novel is not (strictly speaking) a pastiche, as it is not written in the style, or from the viewpoint, of Dr. Watson; instead, I have attempted to explore some aspects of Holmes’s character which remain obscure in the Doctor’s narratives: his intellectual and philosophical interests, for example, and the riddle of his sexuality. Watson’s role of assistant in this story is taken by the young Aleister Crowley.

The book comes out on the 5th September and is already selling well on Amazon UK, Amazon Kindle, Amazon USA and iBooks (iPad and iPhone).